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Amal Mubarak


Amal Mubarak is a film enthusiast whose passion for the industry led her to work on a series of local-based short films and theatre plays, including her role as producer for the critically acclaimed Dubai production of the 'Mouse that Roared.' Her training in the field includes (but is not limited to): A short film workshop held by Emirati Director; Nawaf Al Janahi, Acting workshops held by Miranda Davidson, Singular Method delivered by Oscar nominee Director, Scandar Copti, and her participation in the annual Short and Sweet festival founded by Alex Broun. A multi-faceted creative, Amal has worn several hats ranging from actress, writer, producer, and director on several projects; however, her endeavor as what she terms 'social entrepreneur' has driven her to set up Ancienne Majan Productions. Built on the single mission to nurture and develop emerging young, talented filmmakers in the UAE (as evident in her participation in my Filmfest [SH7] - Murdoch's Youth Film Festival), Ancienne Majan was designed to educate and provide an avenue for said talent to express their cinematic dialogue. Amal is currently working on a series of short films and plays due to come out later this year.

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Michel Jean Nassar


Theatre–Television–Cinema Actor–Producer---Director

Experienced media professional, with a bachelor's in performing and visual arts from the Lebanese university in Beirut. A university lecturer in scriptwriting, acting, filmmaking, mass media, and performance theories. Founder of LIU drama club, founder of Dubai Drama Club, founder of MBC theatre group, and freelance acting coach in a dozen of movie projects    Worked as director/producer for 17 yrs. with MBC group, filming all over the Arab world. worked as a filming director for a lot of TVCs for huge brands such as UFC Gym and Johnson Arabia.    My passion for movies started at a very young age, which made me create a radio show, on the "Voice of Lebanon" radio station, about the Lebanese movie industry.    My knowledge about movies came from my studies and avid movie watching, adding to it my technical knowledge about movie making from pre-production (budget - scripts technical rundown) to execution (directing - cinematography) to post-production (audio mixing - avid media composer - adobe premiere)    My storytelling skills will benefit new movie makers to turn the seeds of their imaginations from ideas to a visual story with all its elements.

Cameraman with Movie Camera

Message from the Founders:

A movie is a slice of life, a story told by the eyes of the director. DXBSIF is a space where storytellers can tell their stories. The competition is just a cherry on top, the main purpose is to give you storytellers of the world a platform where you can show your passion, your stories and of course your skills. DXBSIF was created for the love of movies and movie making, where storytellers gather from around the globe, to celebrate the 7th art, the visual art of storytelling. and we are here to witness you telling us your story in your own ways, written in your own frames. This year we received more than 140 movies from different countries, directors from different nationalities, united by the passion for moviemaking, and for that we, DXBSIF, are happy to  be the pot where all these talents mix and grow

Team & Management

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Narjis Alchaffai

Project Manager

Narjis Alchaffai is a multi-talented actress and director with a unique blend of skills that include experience in management and business development, professional acting, and project management. With her passion for the entertainment industry and creative vision, she has become a well-rounded professional in the field, inspiring students of production art with her achievements. Narjis Alchaffai's dedication and hard work have earned her a reputation as a versatile and successful artist, making her a valuable asset to any project she is a part of.

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Mr. Shady Al Masoudy

Regional Marketing Director

Shady Al Masoudy, an Egyptian director, initially pursued film directing and filmmaking through various workshops, launching his career in advertising and commercials. His debut film, "Voice of God," marked the beginning of his cinematic journey. Additionally, Shady has cultivated a successful career in marketing and public relations, showcasing his versatility across multiple industries.

Judging Committee


Philip Rachid


Mansoor Alfeeli

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Khalid Al Mahmood


Amal Mamdouh

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Scandar Copti


Mohammed AlSayed


Patrick Fronda

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