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Booking For Workshop


For Newcomers

The newcomers Beginners can participate in the “Filmmaking 101” workshop which will prepare them to produce and direct a movie from scratch. The fee is 1,500/- AED per person. 

I. Scripting:

  • Synopsis

  • Treatment

  • Scriptwriting

II. Technical rundowns:

  • Template

  • Storyboard

  • Errors and Axis handling

  • Turning a scene into a technical rundown

  • Turning a rundown into a scene

III. Directing an actor :

  • Behind the script

  • Characterology

  • Body language

IV. The assets :

  • The audio (the soundtrack)

  • The sound effects

  • The voice over

V.  Post-production :

  • Gathering the assets

  • Managing the gaps

Thanks for submitting!

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